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Drs. Seth and Gabrielle 

Martin, invite two new couples to their marriage ministry brunch. As the three couples  grow closer, they build relationships  beyond the ministry and become close friends.  

The Martin's new friends discover that they have  different love languages than their spouses. As a result, they had been dishonoring each other. The couples  learn that identifying the problem is step one to recovering their passion, but committing to the process is the only hope growth for change .


Follow Gabrielle, Seth, Jordan, Veda, Regina, and Ryan as they smooth the pavement on the rocky roads known as their marriages. 

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Justine Silva had done her best to raise her three daughters properly, but something went wrong. Farlinda is losing herself and tries to gain control by being her own "god". Gretchen never knew her worth. She seeks love and esteem in a life syle of promiscuity and self-indulgence. Life is just beginning for Shantise as she polishes hers stage performance skills in hip hop and prepares to sign a recording contract.  Their dying mother writes and dedicates a "diary"  to encourage them as they struggle with illness, fear, sacrifice, abandonment, and over indulgence.  Will Justine's daughters remain the same or discover a new life that only God can give them?

  Freeing My Soul is a must read autobiography by Amanda Brown and co-authored by Bridgette D. Williams. Read the story of how a gentle woman overcame the damaging aftermath of child sexual abuse and now lives a full and productive life. Poetry lovers will enjoy three of Amanda's poems featured in Freeing My Soul. If you know someone who needs to be encouraged, or if you'd like to learn more about helping victims, this is your summer read.


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