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About Us

"We are a small company with a big heart and growing"​

                                                                                                       Established  2012

Koa, your warrior friend is with you                     ALL the way!

Koa is the Hawaiian word for "warrior". Some children are given the name Koa, meaning "fearless" or "fierce".  Life is full of challenges. Many of them can be very formidable and intimidating, but only if we allow them to be.

Writing and publishing your own work should not be one of those situations. 

Are you are a writer and you've never had your work published? Do you have dreams of seeing your book in print but you haven't started?  

Koa is a safe place for seasoned and inexperienced authors to express themselves. We offer a great range of book writing and publishing services for all genres! So be brave and book a consultation appointment today.

Our Team

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Our Vision

Our vision is to promote positivity from the author to the reader.  We help authors develop and print life-enriching products and get them out to the public.  Both new and seasoned authors are supported and promoted by participating in Koa Publishing events such as book drives, library days, and Koa Publishing Company book awards.  

 Our Mission

    "To empower the fragile to become fierce writers and to assist the mighty in moving forward fearlessly."


Our Services

*Project Consultation




*Book Publishing

*Distribution and Promotion


*Program Publishing


*Cover Design


*Business/Author Printing Services


*Ghost Writing


* Mentoring for Novices

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