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About Mommy Bee

Mommy Bee is the pen name for Author, Bridgette D. Williams. The name and logo were chosen for young readers ages 4 and up, but can be enjoyed by children of all ages .

Mommy Bee's Year Round Book Drive 

Book Drive_edited.jpg

Help Mommy Bee send free books to elementary and preschool libraries all across America.  The first release, Luis Goes to Preschool is currently being distributed to elementary schools in the state of Virginia. You can participate in this effort to support social and emotional learning among young learners by purchasing a copy of Luis Goes to Preschool and donating it from this website. Simply write the name of your school with the address and school contact person in the"Add a Note" box before checking out.

Koa Publishing Company will mail the book to the school with a donor's sticker on the inside cover with your name on it.

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