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Thank you for choosing  Koa as your publishing company! We are here to help you in every phase of publishing your book. Begin your journey by booking a consultation appointment and pay by clicking the shop tab.  After your consultation, the publishing process begins. Depending on how prepared you are, the entire process can be completed in as few as three weeks. The average time is three to six weeks.

Publishing packages are filled with everything you need to become a  successful author, plus 100 books! Packages begin at a low $1,400. 

Earn Publishing Credits By Referring New Authors

Koa authors earn $25 publishing credit for each paid first-time author's regular-priced publishing package referral. Four is the maximum for paid referrals. The referral reward is  valid up to 12 months after the referred author's first paid publishing package.


Our authors can earn up to $100 in publishing credit! This reward cannot be applied towards the purchase of a 50-50 Mini Pub for the author nor the referral.

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